Here’s your smile roadmap.

Smile Assessment

A free online form with a few short questions that will help our dental staff assess if Easysmile is right for you.


In-Person Evaluation

Order an at home evaluation kit which includes everything needed for us to remotely evaluate whether you\'re a good fit for our invisible aligner treatment.

2 Weeks

Treatment Plan

Once you're evaluated a dental professional will create your 3d treatment plan, showing you what your smile will look like before you purchase. You'll recieve this via email and you can purchase your treatment online.

1 Month

Manufacture Aligners

A complex process where we 3d print your teeth, one model for each step of your treatment plan. We then thermoform dental grade plastic over each model and use a lightsaber (robotic laser arm) to finish.

Start Treatment
5 Months Average

Invisible Alinger Treatment

A delivery containing custom fit invisible aligners according to your treatment plan, designed by our orthodontists. Choose between a one-time payment of or our monthly installment plan of a month, for 12 months, totalling . Your delivery will be a starter kit which includes a complimentary aligner case, a pair of chewies to help close any air gaps between your teeth and our aligners, an outie tool to aid your aligner removal and an emery board to fine tune your aligners for a more comfortable fit.

Smile Insurance
Life ∞

Invisible Retainer

A biannual subscription of cancelable at any time. That's a new set of retainers delivered directly to you every 6 months. These retainers are made from the same high-quality BPA free dental grade thermoplastic as your aligners. Included in each retainer shipment is a complementary set of retainer brite for easy maintenance.


Smart Watch

Smart Edition

Smart Edition

$349$299 early bird offer

8mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band. Its perfect fit for tracking fitness. 100% waterproof. Buy this limted edition sports edition.

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