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We value flexibility. Which is why we created two payment plans.

Image of an open mouth and teeth depicting the first step in our Easysmile invisible aligner treatment where the patient either takes impressions of gets an intraoral scan to create clear STL files.


Remotely evaluate your smile with our at home evaluation kit. Or get a 30-minute in-person evaluation with an Easysmile affiliate smile expert. Once you're evaluated a dental professional will create your treatment plan.

Image of a dental calendar depicting the treatment length of our Easysmile invisible aligners. The patient is shown a clear 3d treatment plan showing who their teeth will be adjusted aligner by aligner.

Treatment: or for 12 months.

We'll manufacture your aligners according to your treatment plan and deliver them directly to your doorstep, premium whitening gel included.

Image of a tooth and a clear shield depicting the final step of our Easysmile invisible aligner therapy. The Easysmile invisible retainer is used to keep the customer's teeth from moving back into their original position.


Order your invisible retainers and keep flossing a simple affair, as they are easily removed. Each retainer set (upper and lower) lasts 6 months. Wear them at night, at the end of your treatment.

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Smart Edition

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