Here’s your smile roadmap.

Smile Assessment

A free online form with a few short questions that will help our dental staff assess if Easysmile is right for you.


In-Person Evaluation

Order an at home evaluation kit which includes everything needed for us to remotely evaluate whether you\'re a good fit for our invisible aligner treatment.

2 Weeks

Treatment Plan

Once you're evaluated a dental professional will create your 3d treatment plan, showing you what your smile will look like before you purchase. You'll recieve this via email and you can purchase your treatment online.

1 Month

Manufacture Aligners

A complex process where we 3d print your teeth, one model for each step of your treatment plan. We then thermoform dental grade plastic over each model and use a lightsaber (robotic laser arm) to finish.

Start Treatment
5 Months Average

Invisible Alinger Treatment

A delivery containing custom fit invisible aligners according to your treatment plan, designed by our orthodontists. Choose between a one-time payment of or our monthly installment plan of a month, for 12 months, totalling . Your delivery will be a starter kit which includes a complimentary aligner case, a pair of chewies to help close any air gaps between your teeth and our aligners, an outie tool to aid your aligner removal and an emery board to fine tune your aligners for a more comfortable fit.

Smile Insurance
Life ∞

Invisible Retainer

A biannual subscription of cancelable at any time. That's a new set of retainers delivered directly to you every 6 months. These retainers are made from the same high-quality BPA free dental grade thermoplastic as your aligners. Included in each retainer shipment is a complementary set of retainer brite for easy maintenance.


Evaluation Kit

Everything needed for us to remotely evaluate whether you're a good fit for our invisible aligner treatment

Photo Submission

3 photos are required for us to remotely evaluate your smile. Please submit the photos depicted below.

  • Avoid blurry photos and make sure the image is as sharp as possible. Our orthodontists need to see the condition of your teeth in raw detail.
  • Use the retractor (photo brace) provided in your evaluation kit. Common customer mistake.
  • Gumline visibility is important. Common customer mistake.
  • Don't crop your photos. Common customer mistake.
  • Brush and floss your teeth.
  • Ask someone to help your photos.
  • Capture all your teeth even the back ones.
  • Ensure good lighting in your mouth.
  • When submitting your photos, use the same email address used to purchase your evaluation kit.
  • Max upload size per photo is 5mb.

Image of front teeth for evaluation. This is required for Easysmile invisible aligner photo submission smile assessment.

1: Front Teeth

Teeth closed, looking straight ahead. Bite down fully on your back teeth with your natural bite.

Image of lower teeth for evaluation. This is required for Easysmile invisible aligner photo submission smile assessment.

2: Lower Teeth

Mouth open, looking down. Make sure we see your back molars and lower gumline pull down if necessary.

Image of upper teeth for evaluation. This is required for Easysmile invisible aligner photo submission smile assessment.

3: Upper Teeth

Mouth open, looking up. Make sure your back molars are in full view and upper gumline push up if necessary.

Enter the email used to purchase your evaluation kit

Ensure you add 3 photos at the same time and click upload


Let’s make a good first impression. Bright lights and a mirror will come in handy when making your impressions. So the bathroom might be the best place to start. Please take your time to review the impression process and prepare before starting.

  • Consider asking a general dentist to scan your mouth or take your impressions. Nearly 80% of our customers end up purchasing a retake kit only to try this suggestion. All we we need are two STL files upper.stl (scan of you upper teeth) and lower.stl (scan of your lower teeth). Most dentists have an intraoral scanner which can create these STL files. Trios and iTero are some brands of scanners that can create the necessary STL files. The dentist may charge a small consultation fee which can be deducted from your treatment charge, don't forget to keep the receipt and don't be afraid to use their trays if they insist. Common customer mistake.
  • Grab one of the trays and check the size by putting it in your mouth. If it’s too tight on your teeth or doesn’t cover up two of your back molars, contact us right away at and we’ll send out a better fitting set on us. Don’t worry about the trays not covering your wisdom teeth.
  • Pull out the BASE and CATALYST containers of putty. Make sure to leave them out so they reach room temperature before you begin.
  • Clock, phone or device with minute & second timer.
  • Towel. It’s not pretty, but you may drool when you take your impressions out.
  • Brush and floss your teeth.
  • Wash and dry your hands before putting on your gloves.
  • Tray 1 is for your upper teeth, tray 2 us for your lower teeth.
  • Before taking your impressions, review our checklist. Common customer mistake.

1: Remove Putty

One BASE and one CATALYST per tray

  • Gloves on.
  • Remove the putty from one BASE container and one CATALYST container.

2: Mix Putty

Time is of the essence. Within 25 seconds.

  • If mixed lackadaisically there may air bubbles which could cause indentations in your moulds, distortions in your scans, and ultimately ill-fitted aligners. Try your best to squeeze out all the air bubbles. Common customer mistake.
  • Once you start mixing, you have 60 seconds to get the tray with putty into your mouth.
  • Blend the BASE and CATALYST putties together until they form one color with no visible swirls.

3: Roll Putty

Let's have a sausage party. Within 10 seconds

  • Roll the blended putty between your hands to create a uniform cylinder that is 10 cm long.

4: Placing Putty

Time is of the essence. Within 25 seconds

  • Due to poor putty placement, most of our customers fail to get their molars when taking their impressions.
  • Place the putty roll into the tray, filling the entire U-shape (all the way to the back). Do not apply pressure or push the putty in.
  • Once you start mixing, you have 60 seconds to get the tray with putty into your mouth.
  • If this tray does not allow for your rear molars (back teeth) to be captured in an impression, please contact us at

5: Take Impression

It's all about gumline and rear molars. Leave for 4 ½ minutes

  • Make sure to keep the tray completely still for an entire 4 ½ minutes. Failing to keep your tray still and removing it hastily causes indentations in your moulds, distortions in your scans, and ultimately ill-fitted aligners. Common customer mistake.
  • Open and relax your mouth, and place the loaded tray inside. Keep your lips relaxed and gently pull lip over the tray and putty. Push any excess material up onto your gums to help create impression of gumline area. Leave in your mouth for 4 ½ minutes.
  • The putty should fully envelope all teeth to capture the gumline. Try your best to aviod tray show-through. Common customer mistake.
  • Use your thumbs to gently hold the tray in place and ensure that it does not move while you make your impression.
  • Use your thumbs to apply even pressure throughout so that the impression captures your entire mouth, including your molars. You should feel the putty hitting your gums in the back and front.
  • Make sure to use upper tray for your upper jaw and lower tray for your lower jaw/ teeth.

6: Remove impression

Don't panic it's not stuck

  • Make sure to pull out the hardened impression material and tray the same way your teeth went in. Otherwise, your teeth could scrape the impression of your gumline leaving marks. Common customer mistake.
  • Gently remove and inspect your first impression for defects. Wait 15mins for the impression material to harden.
  • Before taking more impressions, compare your first impression results using this checklist.
  • After reviewing our checklist please repeat the above steps for your remaining trays.

7: Return impressions

Yay you're finsihed

  • Find the pre-paid return shipping label (form) included in your evaluation kit along with the commecial invoice, then call that couriers phone number which we provided in your evaluation kit email. Schedule a pickup time and give the courier the shipping label and the commecial invoice (you may need to sign the form if it's not FedEx). Every evaluation kit we send has pre-paid returns. That's right shipping fees are on us.
  • Place each of your completed impressions inside the plasic bags and back in the box then put the box into the FedEx plastic bag.
  • Use the sticker provided to seal the box. It will be with the shipping label.
  • Once we receive your photos and impressions our orthodontist will review your impressions, and either approve, reject or ask you to retake your impressions.
  • If approved we will create and email you a 3d treatment plan for you to review with a link to purchase it (your invisible aligners).

Starter Kit

Aligner logistics. Everything you need to know about wearing your invisible aligners.


Follow these rules. More info in our FAQ.

  • Wear your aligners: 22 hours/day, 7 days/week. Common customer mistake.
  • Do not throw your aligners away. If you lose your aligners you will have to revert to your previous step saving you from having to restart the entire treatment. Contact us if this happens. Common customer mistake.
  • Once you finish your treatment. Your teeth will relapse back to their original position if you stop wearing your aligners. Contact us for a retainer solution. Common customer mistake.
  • Wearing your invisible aligners less than recommended may cause your next step to not fit properly. Common customer mistake.
  • Duration per tray set: Each tray set (upper and lower) is to be worn togeather for 2 weeks.
  • When to remove: While eating. While drinking anything but cold water.
  • Hygiene: Brush your teeth after meals, snacks and rinse trays with cold water after removing.
  • Keep all your invisible aligners. Don't throw them away after you have finished each step. If you lose your invisible alginers you'll need to revert to the previous step. Common customer mistake.
  • Use antibacterial soap, not toothpaste, to lightly clean your aligners. Toothpaste can be abrasive against the plastic, which may scratch your invisible aligners. Scratched aligners are much easier to notice when they’re on your teeth. We all know one of the reasons you chose invisible aligners was so they’d be invisible. Keep them that way by cleaning them properly!.
  • Never use hot water when cleaning your aligners, and don’t run them through the dishwasher. The high heat can damage the plastic and ruin your aligners.
  • Don’t use colored mouthwash. The greens and blues of most mouthwash products can discolor your aligners, giving them that same tint that you’ll see in the mouthwash bottle. Instead, if you want to keep your aligners clear and sanitized, try soaking them in a clear retainer or denture cleaner.
  • Invisible aligners can be lost or damaged in a surprising variety of different ways: being left in a hot car, thrown away with lunch, eaten by the family dog. Place your invisible aligners in your case in a cool safe place when you're not wearing them. Common customer mistake.

1: How to use your chewies

A common accessory used to help your aligners fit

  • Put Chewie between your teeth and bite down.
  • Move Chewie from one side of your mouth to the other, gently biting down.
  • Repeat process several times per day for the first 24-48 hours when staring a new set of aligners.
  • Bite your Chewie for five minutes before bed for a tight fit overnight.

2: How to use your outie

An accessory to help you remove your aligners if they get stuck

  • Use one hook end of the tool to pull lower aligners up and off.
  • Use the other hook to pull upper aligners down and off.
  • Never pull outward when using the Outie to protect both the tool and your aligners.

3: How to use your file

Use your emery board to fine-tune your custom-fit aligners

  • Gently smooth any edges of your aligners that cause irritation on your gums.
  • Be careful not to file down too much as your invisible aligners will use a small amount of tuning force the deeper you file.

4: How to use your whitening gel

Whitening is optional and will cause increased sensitivity during your treatment.

  • You will receive three tubes of whitening gel which should be more than enough for your entire treatment. When applying the gel to your teeth be conservative and only use a small amount each time.
  • Brush your teeth well before whitening, but do not floss your teeth right before whitening
  • Squeeze gel and apply a thin layer to both the upper and lower front 8 teeth. Avoid contact with gums.
  • You can put your aligners back on over the gel.
  • You can also excrete a thin layer of gel along the inside front end of your invisible aligners where the front 8 lower and upper teeth come into contact. Avoid putting any gel on your gums.
  • Ideally, once the aligners are on the gel should sit on the front of your teeth without touching your gums.
  • Leave for 20 - 30 mins then rinse your mouth and aligners with water. Avoid drinking or eating during the whitening process.
  • If you have not experienced sensitivity leave the whitening gel on until the next time you eat or drink, or sleep with the gel inside your aligners overnight. This all depends on sensitivity and personal tolerance.
  • Once you are finished rinse your mouth and invisible aligners with water, avoid eating or drinking for 30 mins.
  • Avoid drinking or eating staining food such as coffee, wine etc... for 24 hours.
  • You may experience sensitivity, regardless of whether this has occurred with other whitening products. This can be offset by using Sensodyne and following up with remineralising gel.
  • Once per day. Do not overuse.

Retainer Guide

Everything you need to know about wearing your retainers.


Follow these rules. More info in our FAQ.

  • At the end of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer full-time for 2 weeks (around the clock, like you did with your aligners)
  • Retainers can break, so be careful with them.
  • After 2 weeks wear your retainer nightly while you sleep for at least 8 hrs.
  • The life span of your retainer is 6 months. After this the plastic might start to warp.
  • Don't wear your retainer for more than 6 months. With our biannual invisible retainer subscription, we'll ship you a new set of custom fit retainers directly to your home every 6 months.
  • Removable retainers should always be taken out when eating, playing sports, and brushing your teeth.
  • You’ll want to take extra care to ensure that you don’t break or lose your retainer. The best place for your retainer is in your mouth. When not worn, it should be stored in a hard protective case.


Make sure your impressions look right before you send them in

1: Bad Impression Gumline Absent

Check the gumline of all teeth. There should be a clear line between your teeth and your gums all the way around your mouth.

  • Gumline absent—tray was not seated enough (took an impression of only the ps of the teeth).
  • Gumline not clearly de ned, or looks distorted—tray was removed too early (before the material was set), or movement occurred a er the tray was seated.

2: Bad Impression Tray Show-Through

Inspect the impression thoroughly for places where you can see blue tray instead of putty.

  • Tray was pushed too far down.
  • Tray was pushed too far to one side of mouth or was simply too small.
  • Tray was placed too far back in your mouth and scraped the front of the teeth upon seating.

3: Bad Impression Double Impression

Inspect the deepest parts of the impression. You should see a single clear imprint of your teeth all the way around.

  • If there are two or more imprints, the tray was partally seated, then moved and fully seated.

4: Bad Impression Back Teeth not Captured

Inspect your impression of the back teeth (“molars”). At least half of your most rear molar (including wisdom teeth) must be captured in the impression for aligners to fit correctly.

  • Tray long enough, but impression putty stops short of back teeth—when mixing and rolling putty, roll must be longer to capture back teeth.
  • Impression putty covers entire length of tray, but there is not a clear impression of your rear molar.
  • If the tray does not allow for your rear molars to be captured in an impression. Please contact us.

Good Impression

Try to get your impressions looking as close as you can to this example.

  • Your Impression should have the gumline present around all of your teeth.
  • Don't forget to push the trays deep for your rear molars (back teeth).
  • Your impression should have one single imprint of your teeth.
  • No blue plastic should be visible through any area of your impression.
  • Back teeth are captured. At least half of your most rear molar (including wisdom teeth) must be captured in the impression for aligners to fit correctly.

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