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Even celebrities are born with bad teeth. That is a fact. The picture-perfect image and the million dollar smile is basically just that – an image. The irony is that celebrities need to look perfect in front of the cameras. Perfection is hard to come by. But for celebrities, it is the ultimate goal.

There is no part in a celebrity’s body that isn’t under scrutiny.

Being under the public eye is tough, but attaining that perfection is harder. It would be hard to imagine that there are celebrities with bad teeth. But they do exist. And there are plenty of them. Are you ready to meet these celebrities?

20 Celebrities with Bad Teeth

From gap teeth to crooked and wonky teeth, these celebrities are not shy about their imperfect teeth. Most of these famous personalities have had their teeth fixed since. For a few others, they have embraced this imperfection. This is a list of the 20 celebrities with bad teeth.

1. Lindsay Lohan – Chipped and Discolored Teeth

At one point in her career, Lindsay Lohan was viewed as a sexy female icon in Hollywood. But unbeknownst to many, she had one of the worst teeth in Hollywood. The appearance of her teeth – discolored and chipped – made a lot of her fans shudder. Most would attribute her bad teeth with her partying (aka alcoholic drinking) and drug use. This was definitely one of the worst years of Lindsay’s career.

But in 2018, Lindsay Lohan fixed her teeth. She cleaned up her smile. She appeared in an interview with a new set of pearly whites. Here’s to hoping that she can keep her teeth looking as good!

2. Johnny Depp – Yellowish Teeth

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors. His acting chops have won him many acting awards. But one thing that Depp can’t get an award for is his teeth. In fact, he has one of the worst teeth in Hollywood for any celebrity. He went from heartthrob to a hot mess in a blink of an eye. It started with an ugly divorce with Amber Heard. And then he was seen with unsightly teeth that are yellowish and heavily stained.

He was first seen with dental work that looked similar to gold caps in 2015. After that, he was seen with a mysterious red tinge on one of his teeth. His bridgework was also cringey. For a 2017 film, he had to wear a pair of fake teeth in order to cover up his shoddy grin.

3. Vanessa Paradis – Gap Teeth

Vanessa Paradis is a multi-faceted French celebrity. But despite that, she has no desire her gap teeth. Despite the obvious teeth gap, the French star is proud to show off her smile. In many interviews in the past, she has shut down the idea of fixing her gap teeth. According to the French star, “I was born with them”. This puts any question to rest as to whether she would have them fixed anytime soon.

4. Madonna – Famous Gap Teeth

Madonna is another famous celebrity known for her gap tooth in the front teeth. The British singer has produced hits all over the world throughout her singing career. But she isn’t fazed one bit about that gap in her teeth. The ‘Material Girl’ singer even proudly embraces it, just like Vanessa Paradis!

This is not surprising at all knowing Madonna’s personality. She likes to play by her own rules. And even if it meant donning an imperfect set of teeth, that she’ll defiantly show off her smile!

5. Steve Buscemi – Crooked Teeth

Steve Buscemi is a staple in the list of celebrities with bad teeth. The actor and director even believes that his teeth are part of the reason why he’s landed many projects in Hollywood. He fears that fixing his teeth would also mean losing his job.

He has become an endearing figure to his fans, mainly for his imperfections. Not only does he have a full set of misaligned teeth but he also has a tired and wrinkled eye. Even with the money he’s made in Hollywood, Buscemi refuses to undergo dental work or botox.

6. Tom Cruise – Monotooth

Tom Cruise is currently one of the biggest names in Hollywood. But even before he flashed his million dollar smile, no one can unsee that image of Tom Cruise’s monotooth. Cruise is one of the stars who’ve had veneers done on their teeth. This was done to fix his misaligned and misshaped teeth. But even when he’s had dental surgery done, his top front teeth look a bit off-center. There appears to be a shift in his teeth in the top row. This makes it look like the two front teeth are formed as one.

7. Anna Paquin – Gap Teeth

Anna Paquin became a household name when she starred as Sookie Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood series. But apart from her acting, there is one more thing that fans noticed about her: her gap teeth. The actress has and continues to attract the attention of many with that space in her front teeth. Her gap-toothed grin has become a part of her identity in Hollywood.

Just like most of the celebrities with bad teeth on this list, she refuses to have them fixed. According to her, she does not want to be critical of her own imperfections. Even if it meant donning that gap teeth, she’s fine with it. Paquin further notes that she does not have the energy to self-obsess.

8. Anthony Davis – Crooked Teeth

Anthony Davis is a beast on the hard court. But one thing that he does not do best is when it comes to his teeth. In particular, he has crooked set of lower front teeth. The Los Angeles Lakers center is best known for his unibrow. But he’s also guilty of another aesthetic flaw: misaligned and crooked teeth. He might be a world-class athlete but his teeth are anything but world-class.

9. Michael Strahan – Gap Teeth

Michael Strahan spent 15 years playing for the NFL. But aside from his sporting career, most people will remember him for his gap teeth. There came a point when Strahan contemplated on closing his gap. In fact, he already consulted his dentist about it. He attributes that decision to the pressure of being perfect in his career as a sports athlete. After all, he is a Super Bowl champ, no less.

Michael Strahan revealed that he later came into his senses. He chose to embrace his imperfections.

10. Ricky Gervais – Crooked Teeth

The British comedian is known worldwide for his great comedic skills. But many who’ve looked up to him cannot shake off his horribly crooked teeth. As if famously wonky British teeth are having a moment, Gervais belongs to the list of celebrities with bad teeth who chose to embrace it. In fact, Gervais admitted to looking at David Bowie as his dentistry idol – another celebrity with crooked teeth. Bowie, though, later had his teeth fixed.

11. Kirsten Dunst – Snaggled Incisors

Kirsten Dunst is one of Hollywood’s most charming actresses. She has starred in many romantic films and is among the famous young stars that are reputed for their acting chops. But while she portrays that near-perfect image, her teeth are far from being one. Her teeth have become a center of many interviews in the past, particularly her snaggled incisors. But film director Sofia Coppola once told her to not have them fixed. And so she opted not to, even when she was asked to fix them for a role.

12. Willem Dafoe – Gap Teeth

Add Willem Dafoe among the long list of celebrities with bad teeth. But he stubbornly refuses to fix them. Dafoe advocates embracing your perceived imperfections. He even created a short film discussing his gap – or issues of gap teeth in Hollywood. He proudly claims, “...but I like my gaps.” He goes on to say that “gaps are openness, possibility, room to savour.” It is a strange film but one that got its message across loud and clear!

13. Morgan Freeman – Misaligned and Stained Teeth

Morgan Freeman’s voice is familiar and endearing. His voice had been used for a number of advertorials and documentaries. But this Hollywood icon had issues with his teeth even way back his younger days. His chompers needed work and had to rely on the power of cosmetic dentistry to fix his teeth and make them pearly white.

14. Avril Lavigne – Misaligned Teeth

Avril Lavigne was a pop sensation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But her fame did not escape the eyes of the critics who noticed the appearance of ‘fangs’ on her teeth. With highly developed incisors, many of her haters would call her a ‘vampire’.

Despite the hate towards her teeth, Lavigne embraced her natural teeth. In fact, she proudly shows them off in red carpet events and photo shoots!

15. Jessica Pare – Gap Teeth

The Mad Men star is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. But her smile is distinctive for a reason – she rocks a gap tooth. But unlike most Hollywood personalities, she isn’t one to hide her imperfections. She would proudly show off the gap in her teeth. In a way, it helped her stand out and made her more famous!

The creators of the series Mad Men particularly pointed out her gap-toothed smile as one of the reasons why she had a successful audition. And for Jessica Pare, that is one more reason to keep her gap!

16. Hilary Duff – Buck Teeth

The former Disney star suffered from what is called buck teeth at a young age. While she was with Disney, Duff decided to stick with her less-than-perfect teeth. It was only in 2009, when she transitioned into singing, when she decided to get them fixed. She even chipped her tooth with the microphone during one of her concerts. Since then, she opted for a full set of veneers to achieve her now perfect smile.

17. Snooki – Crooked Teeth

Snooki, or Nicole Polizzi, shot to fame in MTV’s Jersey Shore series. She was best known for her beehive-throwback hairdo, which was big and bold that contrasted her petite frame. Her fans raved about her hairdo, but not about her hair. She suffered from crooked teeth since she was young and it only became more obvious when she became reality-TV famous. As a result, the diminutive star opted to have her crooked teeth straightened. She also whitened her teeth following the procedure.

18. Victoria Beckham – Uneven Spacing and Gap Teeth

Like most British celebrities, Victoria Beckham had naturally bad-looking teeth. The now-famous fashion icon suffered from uneven spacing and gaps in her teeth. But this was before she shot to fame with the all-girl group Spice Girls. In the late 1990s, Victoria Beckham (then known as Victoria Adams) had her teeth bonded and straightened. This fixed her previously wonky-looking teeth. Who knew that a fashion icon had such bad-looking teeth? It simply goes to show how the cosmetic dental industry has advanced over the years.

19. 50 Cent – Gap Teeth

50 Cent the Rapper joins the long list of celebrities with gap teeth. He continued to spot the gap in his front teeth even after his fame. He broke many rap records and produced one hit after another. While 50 Cent eventually gave in and fixed his gap teeth, he told his dentist to not make his front teeth smaller. While the gap is there, he wanted to keep the shape and size of his teeth. According to 50 Cent, he still wanted to “look like himself”.

20. Keith Urban – Gap Teeth

Keith Urban is a popular country artist from Australia. Aside from being a popular country musician, Urban is considered as one of the hottest music stars. Many consider him lucky for marrying Nicole Kidman in 2006. But before he became the Keith Urban that many knew him now, he had his own dental issues to deal with. In particular, he suffered from crooked teeth with a gap in his two front teeth.

When he met Nicole, he had already fixed the gap in his teeth. He also whitened his teeth to improve his smile.

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The Case of the Crooked, Gapped, and Crowded Teeth

The list above is only an overview of the most well-known celebrities with bad teeth. There are more famous people with bad teeth. The dental issues range from crooked, gap and crowded teeth. Many of these celebrities use their imperfect smile as part of their signature look. But many succeeded in their respective careers after fixing their teeth. It varies on a case-to-case basis and it boils down to personal preference and decision.

Gap teeth are the most common dental issue that is faced by celebrities. Some of the most prominent celebrities that wear gap teeth as part of their signature look are Madonna, Anna Paquin, Samuel Jackson, Michael Strahan, and Anthony Anderson.

But gap tooth is not only common among celebrities – people from all walks of life suffer from them, too. Thankfully, this dental issue is easy to fix cosmetically to enhance your smile.

Next to gap tooth, crooked teeth are the most prevalent problem among celebrities. Crooked teeth are characterized by uneven shapes or sizes of teeth, which can be accompanied by teeth staining. The stains can either be due to lifestyle habits (drinking, smoking, etc) or lack of proper oral care. Regardless of the cause, it looks unsightly. It can also give the appearance of poor overall oral care.

Porcelain veneers are the best solution to fix crooked teeth. It offers a quick and strong solution to correct alignment of teeth. Veneers are placed over the front of the teeth to cosmetically enhance its appearance. They are also less invasive than traditional braces.

Porcelain veneers can also work on fixing gap teeth, not just crooked teeth. But for more severe cases, additional treatments might be required.

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Smile Makeover

There are many celebrities who embrace their imperfect teeth. For those who have chosen to go this path and still succeed, good for them! But many of the celebrities with bad teeth have tapped the expertise of modern dentists. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney have done something about their imperfect set of teeth. Not only did it enhance the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, but was able to fix functional issues.

There are a wide range of cosmetic treatments in the dental industry. These services are available to everyone, not just celebrities. You don’t have to worry if you are not born with the perfect set of teeth. You can still achieve your dream pearly whites when you get a smile makeover.

This isn’t a comprehensive list but it should give you an idea of the cosmetic dental treatments available:

· Dental Bonding – This treatment uses a composite resin in a shade that is closest to your natural tooth color. This is placed over the teeth to address a variety of cosmetic issues.

· Dental Implants – This is surgically placed into your jaw to replace the missing roots of your teeth. It helps to prevent structural changes to your jaw as a result of missing a tooth (or teeth).

· Dental Crowns – It is placed over damaged or compromised teeth. It restores the appearance and strength of the original tooth.

· Teeth Whitening – This is a cosmetic enhancement on your teeth. The procedure is done to whiten your teeth and get rid of any unsightly stains.

· Gum Lift – This treatment is recommended for anyone with excessive gum tissue. It restores symmetry in the appearance of your teeth. It also restores your gums, which is the main support structure of your teeth.

Depending on your dental problem, your dentist might recommend a combination of these treatments. The treatment is done to restore the aesthetic appearance and function of your teeth.

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Thanks to Modern Cosmetic Dentistry!

Unlike some of the celebrities who chose to embrace their imperfect smile, you don’t have to live with it. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals specifically with cosmetic enhancement of your teeth. The advancements in cosmetic dental technology have made it possible to fix even the worst dental cases out there. From wonky teeth to crooked teeth that are highly stained, it’s possible to get a picture-perfect smile!

But how, you might ask? It starts with choosing the right cosmetic dentist. Take time to research the options within your area. When you find a dentist you are interested in, schedule an appointment with them. During consultation, you will get an insight into their procedures and the technology they use. It is also a good practice to check the results of their previous dental procedures. The more successful cases they have worked with, the better!

Check the before-and-after photos of their patients. Many world-class dentists who’ve worked with celebrity clients like to show off the before-and-after photos as proof of their work. If you have seen the photos of celebrities before and after they’ve undergone a smile makeover, it will keep your hopes up!

Do remember that a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is not a commitment. You are still free to consult with other dentists who might recommend a more suitable procedure. Take your time to find the best one that can give the smile you want! Any investment of time and effort you put in to find the right cosmetic dentist will reap great results.

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