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Both Smile Direct Club and Candid offer you ways of having a better set of teeth. But in this article, we are going to have a detailed comparison of both.

Easysmile™ Affordable teeth straightening
Invisible aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces for adults, kids and teens. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile.

Smile Direct Club – Their Story, Product, and Network

Smile Direct Club was founded in 2014, with 95% of doctors prescribing their clear aligner sets at present. The company has helped more than 700,000 people improve their smiles over the years, and it currently has 5,000 employees and 300 shops throughout various locations.

Their clear aligner sets are free from BPA. Each customer receives sets of personalized clear aligners that slowly transform their teeth into place, with the process taking about 6 months. The good part is, their products are 60% lesser than the costs of other teeth straightening selections.

Without requiring any dental checkups, Smile Direct Club connect with their customers through a “web-based teledentistry network” which connects their clients with dental professionals. Their registered dentists and orthodontists review their customers’ medical histories and a 3D image of their smiles before sending them their personalized smile plan.


  • Convenient for those who are tired of having to travel far just to get to visit their dentist
  • The intervention is wholly completed at the comforts of your home
  • Less pricey solution
  • No food restrictions as the aligners are removable while eating
  • No difficulty in brushing your teeth
  • Installment payment plans are available
  • They accept insurance


  • Aligners are only good for minor cases
  • Progress is not personally monitored by a professional
  • Some errors might show as mold is impressed
  • You take responsibility for your results
  • Customer service is not easy to reach


  • HKD One-time payment - 14,835, Monthly payment (24 months) - 665
  • SGD One-time payment - 2,577, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 115
  • AUD One-time payment - 2,499, Monthly payment (24 months) - 99
  • NZD One-time payment - 3,250, Monthly payment (24 months) - 130
  • GBP One-time payment - 1,473, Monthly payment (24 months) - 66
  • USD One-time payment - 1,895, Monthly payment (24 months) - 85
  • CAD One-time payment - 2,495, Monthly payment (24 months) - 110
  • NOK One-time payment - 17,299, Monthly payment (24 months) - 775
  • EUR One-time payment - 1,499, Monthly payment (24 months) - 120

How It Works

Firstly, Smile Direct Club uses a 3D image of your teeth as a basis to align your smile. Here are two easy steps to get a 3D image:

  1. Visit a SmileShop and get your smile scanned. Another option is to take an impression of your smile using your kit. Your smile will be checked by licensed professionals, both by dentists and orthodontists, to make the intervention work, with the process lasting up to 6 months.
  2. Then, they will send you a blueprint of your new smile picturing how your smile will change in time, and begin to produce your personalized clear aligner. Teeth whiteners are also sent as part of the package.

After having a checkup with your dentist and finishing the treatment, you can buy retainers at $99 that are to be worn at night for you to maintain your new smile.

Candid – Their Story, Standards, and Promise

Elevate your smile ✨
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Easysmile™ Affordable teeth straightening
Invisible aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces for adults, kids and teens. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile.

Candid was founded by five professionals who decided to partner with the famous orthodontist, Dr. C. Lynn Hurst. They started out in an old apartment and later transferred to a more comfortable place. Currently, they have more than 10,000 patients and 300 employees.

Even with the new idea of remote treatment, Candid’s approach is still old-fashioned as they prioritize your health first. They follow AAO standards when doing the diagnostic process. Moreover, they only accept cases that they are confident with to ensure their customers ' safety.

Candid works exclusively with a network of professionals who are experts in their field, specifically orthodontists. They promise their support and availability to all their possible clients.


  • One of the most well-established clear aligner companies
  • They prioritize their customer’s safety by working with expert orthodontists
  • You can easily book “in-person teeth scans” at one of their locations
  • Offers you your first set of free retainers after the treatment
  • No food restrictions as the aligners are removable while eating
  • No difficulty in brushing your teeth
  • Affordable
  • A continuing and fast-growing company


  • Requires a credit check


  • HKD Single payment - 14,874, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 688
  • SGD Single payment - 2,584, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 119
  • AUD Single payment - 2,772, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 128
  • NZD Single payment - 2,983, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 138
  • GBP Single payment - 1,477, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 68
  • USD Single payment - 1,900, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 88
  • CAD Single payment - 2,515, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 116
  • NOK Single payment - 17,352, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 803
  • EUR Single payment - 1,721, Monthly Payment (24 months) - 79

How It Works

First, you have to get a free scan at any Candid Studio or you can start at home. Then, orthodontists will assess your case and design a blueprint that will align your teeth into the right place. Lastly, your customized aligners will be delivered to you along with a free teeth whitener.

If traditional braces are not part of your budget plan and you are too scared of the risks that other aligner companies imply, then we have a simple solution for you here at Easysmile. We aim to lessen your costs for a good quality teeth alignment procedure while offering free consultation with our licensed and expert dentists as well as a free interproximal reduction.

Interproximal reduction (IPR) in simpler words is a procedure that helps create spaces in between your teeth for them to be realigned easily. Moreover, a majority of misalignment cases will need interproximal reduction management, and this aspect has been ignored by most aligner companies. Hence, you can have the best of both only here at Easysmile.

So, where else will you find this kind of solution? Come and allow us to fix your smile here at Easysmile. We would love to see your charming smiles.

And always remember: “There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.”
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