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15 Reasons to Choose Easysmile

When you hear about Easysmile and its promise of correcting your smile in a few months’ time for an affordable price, it might seem too good to be true. But Easysmile has produced many satisfied and happy customers and this is made possible by the advanced technology used by Easysmile to produce its invisible aligners. Our company has pushed the limits of teledentistry to make our products easily accessible to more people. We also work with professional and qualified orthodontist to diagnose and recommend a treatment program for your teeth, but without the high cost of dental office visits.

Below are the top 15 reasons why you need to consider Easysmile when you need invisible aligners to straighten and whiten your teeth:

1. You can get professional care.

Quality dental care is made possible with quality dental professionals. At Easysmile, we have partnered with licensed and certified dentists to give you more confidence.

85% of our customers require IPR. This is why we've built a network of clinics that would give our customers access to quality professional care. It is part of our goal to make affordable online invisalign treatments possible without compromising on quality.

In turn, the dental clinics with whom we partner with can also benefit from this partnership. If you become part of our network of clinical partners, we will pass on moderate to complex cases to your clinics to ensure they are handled by the right professional with the adequate amount of training. Our partner clinics can also generate more revenue as you do the scanning and fitting of our patients on our behalf. And the best part is that you can fill in vacant slots to optimize your ability to get new customers.

This is Easysmile's way of advancing the dental industry to suit the modern age. At the same time, we put emphasis on the value of professional dental services.

2. You have access to IPR.

IPR is a must for people with crowded teeth. Many of the online providers of invisible aligners do not offer IPR, which can compromise the quality of treatment you get. When you get IPR, a dental professional will conduct the procedure. This alone is one way to ensure that you are getting the best quality care for your teeth.

Without IPR, like other online invisalign treatment providers like Smile Direct Club, it can sacrifice the quality of your bite. On the other hand, with IPR, you will ensure the right fit on your invisible aligners so the bite feels natural and the fit is good. Whereas other companies might focus only on the visual enhancement of your smile, Easysmile goes beyond that. It is our aim to also improve your quality of life by improving your bite and speech. These issues can be fixed when you undergo IPR before you get invisible aligners to fix crowding teeth. This is an important step for patients with crowded teeth only, though.

That's why we conduct a smile assessment for all our patients before starting any treatment. This will enable us to gather information that relate to your dental issues and we can recommend the appropriate steps before you can get fitted.

3. You can have access to advanced dental technology.

At Easysmile, we use the latest and most advanced dental technology available in the industry. The use of advanced cosmetic dental technology along with our qualified orthodontists is what sets our services apart from the others. We use laser scanners, 3D printing, and customized CAD software to design and manufacture our custom aligners. This is how we can guarantee the accuracy of our treatments even for a large number of customers.

4. You can straighten your teeth without pain.

One of the most common complaints about traditional metal braces is that they are very painful to use. In fact, a lot of people who are candidate for braces opt out of this treatment because it can hurt your gums and make it difficult to eat (and even affect your speech). Indeed, metal braces are a pain to use!

But with Easysmile’s invisible aligners, it is made with clear plastic material that does not irritate your gums. There is only a mild discomfort that is associated with the pressure applied by the aligners to facilitate the movement of your teeth. You won’t have to worry about pain just so you can fix your smile.

Easysmile™ Affordable teeth straightening
Invisible aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces for adults, kids and teens. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile.

5. You can get high quality invisible aligners.

Easysmile takes pride in providing our customers with American-made custom aligners. We make sure to work only with the best quality manufacturers to ensure the quality and integrity of our aligners. We get the aligners from the same place that in-office orthodontists get them for their clients. Hence, nothing is compromised simply because you are getting your aligners online.

6. You can get smile assessment before you start treatment.

All of our customers at Easysmile are recommended to undergo the smile assessment before any treatment could commence. The 30-second smile assessment will require you to answer questions about your dental problem, as well as to collect information about your dental history. Our dentists and orthodontists will be using the information you provide to assess the extent of your problem and if our clear aligners would be a good solution for them.

Therefore, we encourage our customers to be as truthful in answering the questions and be as detailed when providing the answers to those questions. It is our commitment to use that information with confidentiality and with the sole aim of providing the best quality dental care that you deserve.

7. You can get your aligners shipped to your home.

We understand your frustration of having to visit your dentist’s office several times just so you can get your aligners. With Easysmile, we made sure to save your time and effort by shipping the aligners to your home address. You won’t even have to step out of your home just so you can get your teeth fixed. We will be shipping your replacement aligners throughout your treatment period until it is over. This adds to the convenience and efficiency of your treatment plan.

8. You can get better teeth and smile within months.

Gone are the days wherein you have to wear your traditional metal braces for years so you can see changes in your teeth. With Easysmile, you can get results within a few months (approximately 5-6 months, depending on the extent of the problem). If you want a faster and more efficient way to correct your smile, then you can trust on this method to get it done. As long as you follow the instructions for using your invisible aligners (specifically the minimum number of hours that they should be worn each day), then you should see the results within the treatment period.

9. You can view your 3D treatment before committing to the treatment.

Unlike traditional methods of getting braces or aligners, we offer a unique approach at Easysmile. When you send your dental mold and we create a custom treatment plan, we can provide you with a 3D view of your results (based on the recommended dental treatment plan). This will enable you to see the results even before you begin your treatment or purchase our aligners! The 3D view of your dental impression is a great way to assess if this treatment approach is the best one for you.

At Easysmile, we do not coerce our customers to follow our treatment program, especially if you are unhappy with the 3D results.

10. Your aligners are custom-made for your teeth.

We do not just offer clear aligners for our customers – we custom-made every aligner to ensure that it is designed specifically for your unique needs. That is why we require the dental mold at the start of your treatment plan so our experts can assess your dental problem and create aligners accordingly. This is just one way we can guarantee that the results are promising and long lasting.

11. Your aligners are invisible so no one will notice you’re wearing one.

Gone are the days when you have to wear the embarrassing metal braces to get your smile fixed. Since the advent of clear aligners, the dental industry has changed. And Easysmile is one of those companies that offer invisible custom aligners to ensure that you can discreetly fix your smile. The materials are made with clear plastic that is durable and look natural when you put them on. Hence, some people won’t even know you are wearing one!

12. You can get flexible payment terms.

Traditional dentists do not offer flexible payment terms for invisalign or braces. Most expect 50% down payment prior to fitting and manufacturing of your invisalign braces.

This is where Easysmile gets an edge over getting your clear aligners in a traditional way. You have the option to choose the monthly installment plan for your invisible aligner treatment. The flexible payment terms at Easysmile fundamentally widens the reach of our services. This enable patients who previously could not afford to get braces to have access to invisible aligner treatments.

13. You can adjust treatment to suit your lifestyle.

The best part about our invisible aligners is that they are also removable. They can be worn like a mouth-piece, which is fitted over your teeth while applying pressure. But since you can remove the aligners, you can take them off when you are eating (it is recommended even because the clear plastic could get easily stained) or when you are brushing your teeth. When you are done with those, you can easily put it back on. Just make sure that you put the aligners on at least 22 hours a day. This means that you have to wear them even while you are asleep.

The longer you put the aligners on, the sooner you can see results from its use. Hence, you need to be diligent and take them off only when you absolutely have to!

14. You can get round-the-clock customer service and support.

Since Easysmile is an online-based company, we can provide you with round-the-clock customer service and support. If you have any issues or questions about your aligners, you can chat with our customer support team or send an email. We will do our best to be as responsive as possible so that we can answer to your queries. Whether you require basic support or need to consult our expert orthodontists, we will respond at the soonest possible time.

15. You can get retainers after the treatment.

When your treatment is over and you have already corrected the alignment of your teeth, we can provide you with retainers that you can wear thereafter. The purpose of wearing retainers is to ensure that you can keep the new alignment of your teeth (because there is a tendency for the teeth to continue shifting once you remove the aligners). The retainers are available at a more affordable price than the aligners so you can maintain your smile without breaking the bank. And if you want, we can also provide teeth whitening solutions along with your treatment if you want to further enhance your smile by making it whiter!

Easysmile™ Affordable teeth straightening
We’ll straighten and whiten your smile gently, remotely, and in an average of 5 months for quick, clear confidence.

Easysmile is one of many companies that had emerged as part of an online movement to make it easier and less expensive to correct your smile. This company promises an affordable solution to teeth straightening that is up to 60% less than traditional braces, in terms of cost. The invisible aligner movement not only made teeth straightening more affordable and accessible, but it has also made them less noticeable.

One of the primary reasons why a lot of people (even those who are candidates for braces) refuse to get one is because of the unsightly appearance of traditional metal braces. This does not even take into account the fact that they are very uncomfortable and painful to wear. As dental technology has evolved invisible aligners came into the picture, and Easysmile is one of those companies that offer an unnoticeable way to fix your smile.

The invisible aligner has revolutionized the dental industry!
Easysmile™ Affordable teeth straightening
We’ll straighten and whiten your smile gently, remotely, and in an average of 5 months for quick, clear confidence.

How Does Easysmile Work?

Easysmile is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a smile that they are positive about, and can be proud of. It offers an easy yet effective way to straighten and whiten your teeth. Within an average of 5 months, our clients are able to see a noticeable difference. Do you want to be more confident to show off your smile? You can get a quick overview of the Easysmile method here.

We offer a 3-step method to delivering you the right aligners to fix your smile, no matter what type of dental problem you have. Our products can address issues with teeth crowding, under bite or overbite, gap teeth, and misaligned teeth.

But before you can get started on our 3-step treatment method, we offer a 30-second smile assessment of all our patients. This is to determine the type of and extent of your dental problem. This is how we can determine if our invisible aligners are a good product to use to resolve your dental issues. We want to make sure that if you spent money on our treatment program that it will bring the results you want and expect. Otherwise, we would be wasting your time and leave you unhappy and dissatisfied.

We want to make sure that if you spent money on our treatment program that it will bring the results you want and expect.

To ensure that we can give you your best smile, we offer a 3-step approach at providing you a custom treatment plan. Here is a look at the 3-step method offered by Easysmile:

Step 1: Evaluation

Once you have been approved for our treatment program, your dental evaluation is the first step of your treatment. You will be sent an evaluation kit so you can take your dental mold at home. The dental mold is an important part of your treatment because this will be assessed by our expert orthodontists to identify the specific dental problem you have. You will have to ship the dental mold back to us for the manufacture of your custom aligners.

Step 2: Get Aligned

The next step of the treatment program involves the manufacture of your invisible and custom aligners. You will get different sets of invisible aligners sent to your home address every few weeks or months, over a specified period of time. It is important for a new set of aligners to be sent after a few weeks as your teeth start to shift. This will ensure that your treatment is ongoing to get your teeth properly aligned.

Step 3: Retain Your Smile

Once your treatment period is over, you can get additional services to ensure that you can maintain your smile that has been fixed. The first step involves the use of a retainer. This will ensure that the new alignment of your teeth will be kept intact. In some cases, we can also provide additional whitening treatment to further enhance your smile. Not only will you get straighter teeth but also one that is brighter and whiter!

For a quick overview of the step-by-step process at Easysmile, you can view the roadmap here.

Easysmile Satisfied Customers

Don’t take our word for it! You can learn more about what our customers have to say about Easysmile. You can check out what our customers have to say here.

Get Better Smile with Easysmile!

Are you ready to fix your teeth and see a brighter smile? Take our 30-second smile assessment today to get started on your journey to healthier teeth and smile! We have designed a unique 3-step treatment plan that guarantees you can get long-lasting results without pain and for a more affordable price. You no longer have to suffer from misaligned teeth, or bite problems (such as under bite or over bite). We can help fix your teeth without any pain and with a solution that’s easier on your pocket. Learn more about Easysmile here.

Have you tried using invisible aligners? What difference have you noticed compared to traditional braces?